A Ride, Some Geese, and a Prayer: Life goes on…

Georgia NeSmith
3 min readJan 13, 2022

A Possible miracle at Cobbs Hill Waterworks Pond *

*Originally published October 4, 2005, in my blog, Random Acts of Love

Got my bike back from the shop. It was actually ready earlier than they said. I should have called earlier.

Rode from the shop straight to Cobbs Hill. The shop is on University near Culver, so it was a quick hop. I’m still worn out, so I didn’t expect too much of myself today.

I walked yesterday, my two-mile jaunt. I have to do some exercise each day, no matter what. But it just wasn’t as good as ride. And my foot — the one that needs surgery — hurt too much.

It was tough riding today. I forgot my water bottle. I had one in the car, but it was empty, and anyway, even if it had been full, there would have been too much bacteria from sitting in the car so long. Thought I would fill it up from the fountain on Cobbs Hill, at the reservoir, but it wasn’t working today. I don’t know why. There was no sign.

On my way back, coming down Culver alongside the park, a mass of high school track runners was heading up the hill. So I stopped and let them by on the sidewalk. I really didn’t want to go into the street. Culver is too dangerous. Too much constant, fast traffic. Then, just before I was to cross over the Interstate (listen to me, saying “Interstate” instead of “freeway” — the Easterner takes over the Westerner), I decided to stop at the Waterworks pond and watch the Canada geese and the sea gulls fight it out over food.

I was too tired. Today was a very tense day. I’ll write about that some other time.

While I sat on the grass in the shade of a tree, four studious Jewish boys (the yarmulkas and the white shirts with black suit pants gave them away) ran up to the pond and started reading their Talmuds and praying. While they were intent in their prayers, six geese swam up near them, came out of the water, and inched closer to them, pecking at the grass with each step…as if they were listening to the prayers. Toward the end of the prayers, each boy turned and noticed the geese, then turned back to face the water without comment.



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