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2 min readNov 21, 2021


A very enjoyable article.

I, like many others, thought at first that this would be an exposition by one of the crazies. Then I thought it might be about paintings being faked by copyists (you know it happens). Then I found that there are legitimate paintings containing images that, seen thru a modern eye look like modern cell phones. Quite amusing.

Me, I mostly approach claims like that with a very skeptical eye well-trained in logic and reason. A Phd from a estigious department of a top Midwestern university should suffice as proof enough.

To that I can add being selected to receive my department’s annual award (including a nice check) as "Best Doctoral Student in Research" in 1987, the third spring after I arrived in January 1984. AND, both prior and subsequently, I spent a rather large number of years trying to teach writing students (frosh to senior) about logical fallacies.

At one point I even taught a few sections of a course in writing for biology.

(NOTE: apologies for all that bragging. Just trying to establish my credentials.)

Nonetheless, as a devotee of the 18th- early 19th century poet/artist William Blake....

(big cut here)

.... Like Blake, I believe that Rationality, in its most extreme form, can overrule all concepts of morality., ultimately becoming amoral.



In order to avoid hijacking your page with the rest of my already too long "treatise," I will be posting the full text on my own page. I hope that will be today,, 11/21/2021. Title and draft still in process.

Or you may be interested in my quirky piece published April 4, 2020: My Creation Story: from Big Bang to Chaos Theory [a Flight of Fancy].

It's a light-hearted mix (kinda sorta) of Genesis and a probably inaccurate grasp of chaos theory, drawn from James Gleick’s 1987 Chaos: Making a New Science.



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