Georgia NeSmith
4 min readJan 13, 2022



I see you are one of the many very new people on Medium who go around criticizing people writing about race, contradicting them at every turn -- and yet you've not posted a single article of your own ON ANYTHING. Indeed, you only just joined this month.

Not only that, you do not include a photo, nor any information about yourself, your background, your interests, or anything else that could identify who you far as I can tell, you are one of those radical right wing "soldiers" whose entire purpose here is to attack people who disagree with you.

I wouldn't be surprised if you have many other identities on Medium so it looks like there are a lot of people who share your particular unenlightened, uneducated versions of reality.

Gee, I'm getting the sense that this is an organized effort on the part of one or more of those organizations that are now going after authors on Medium since y'all have saturated Twitter, Facebook, and other social media with the fetid offall you spew from your many bodily organs.

And you could possibly be one of the people who have been banned forever from one of those sites as they've begun to more firmly and quickly ban people who repeatedly violate their terms of service.

See, the primary identifying characteristics of such people -- whether they identify themselves or not -- is to take statements with qualifiers leaving said categories open to exceptions.

The right wing "thinks" in terms of absolutes. You are either "this" or "that," and there is not even potential for any middle ground. Actually I should put ALWAYS in front of "thinks" because I have never met nor seen on the internet nor read nor heard in any forums where one finds complex critical thinking that rejects absolutes *ALMOST* absolutely.

Indeed, one of your favorite pastimes is to violate every single logical fallacy in any book of rhetoric or logic.

(See this article on Rhetorical Fallacies posted to the Purdue University Writing Lab site for details.)

You do this all the while reading the words of people who are CLEARLY (if you bother to pay attention) well acquainting with said fallacies and are careful not to violate them.

To make things easier for my readers, I post the specific words of mine to which you have responded here, highlighting all those qualifiers.


The perceptions people of color have of white people are based on direct experience.

In contrast, white prejudice against people of color is rarely based on direct experience — for one thing because few white people are surrounded by people of color.

Rather, that racism is usually based on stereotypes passed on via culture (and parents, and whoever), most of which they have never actually encountered themselves because they don’t really know many (or even any) black people at all.

But the fact is, most white people will interpret the actions of a person of color based on those stereotypes (such as black people being criminals, lazy, promiscuous, etc.).


In your single sentence, unsubstantiated claim, you clearly and absolutely skip past those words — words that note the possibility of EXCEPTIONS.

Consequently your response represents a clear and present FALSEHOOD. (AKA “LIE.”)

You and your cohorts appear to be trying to turn Medium into one of those social media sites were these kinds of responses have been (and to some extent still are) characteristic of the very social media sites most of us come here to escape.

If you were here to present your own writing to us for analysis and feedback, you would have a complete identity indicating your background, and you would have actually WRITTEN SOMETHING besides a single sentence criticism of someone else’s words. You would have YOUR OWN articles where you present your own point of view for analysis and critique.


Sounds like we ALL here at Medium need to demand that those who run this site put in the effort to remove you all from Medium and to block new ones.

We need to nip this rotten offal from its presence here, fouling up the intellectual landscape.

And NO -- tho I am confident you will completely ignore my statements here -- this is NOT an attempt at censoring different points of view. It’s about removing “authors” here whose primary if not sole purpose is to attack the words of people sharing an anti-racist perspective.

That is, you intend to violate every single Medium rule for participating here. Rules that are about *quality* of writing, not political points of view.

If you are NOT one of those people, **WRITE YOUR OWN ARTICLES.**

To my *legitimate readers & critics*: I will be revising this commentary into an article that will stand on its own.



Georgia NeSmith

Retired professor, feminist, writer, photographer, activist, grandmother of 5, overall Wise Woman. Phd UIA School of Journalism & Mass Communication, 1994.