Georgia NeSmith
1 min readAug 24, 2021


Amen. If I do say so myself.

Have I got a story for you. But it's one I need to get busy trying to get it published. Publishers don't much like stories already published on the internet.

Sigh. A brief summary: I was raised in a Unitarian household with parents who ran Great Books discussion groups and taught us to question everything.

However, I was terribly lonely after having moved around about 9 different times by age 14. Long story about how I got sucked into attending a Baptist church thanks to my best friend at the time.

Ultimately I got "saved." But then I had to attend several classes before I could get Baptised. In the third class the instructor insisted that in war, God was always on the side of Christians.

I raised my hand.

"Yes, Georgia?"

"Whose side is God on when Christians are fighting each other?"
The US civil war being a case in point, but I wasn't allowed to explain.

The "teacher" then launched into a tirade about not questioning his authority. And since my parents allowed us to question THEIR authority...I ran, and never went back. Not to the classes, and not to the church.



Georgia NeSmith

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