FINALLY back on track

Georgia NeSmith
3 min readFeb 17, 2021

Who knew what a stroke would do?

Finally got up the energy to figure out what happened to my sign-in so I couldn’t get into my own account (plus a lot of other stuff). Oh…no…energy and BRAIN CAPACITY.

Lots to write about. TONS AND TONS AND TONS to write about. Been putting it into my Facebook account. I’m was going to put up a directory where I talk about what happened with my stroke. Alas…

Looking at this I think maybe my brain is familiar with it. Credits posted soon.

I’ve not posted much about the stroke…mostly I mention it here and there when I’m talking about something else. Well, that’s ok. I will eventually have to tell the whole story. But one thing: The only way I knew I was having a stroke was because I was having a “telemed” video visit with my primary. I told her I felt funny, and a few minutes later she said “Go to Emergency NOW!” She said she’d get me admitted and have a bed all set up for me so I wouldn’t have to go thru the ED. (Thankfully. It is always overcrowded in these Days of Wine and COVID….ok, scratch the wine. With all my meds it’s best to keep that to my standard of one glass each on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, and, maybe my birthday in August.

Photo by Luke Southern on Unsplash

That reminds me. One of the songs I taught myself to play on the piano was “Days of Wine and Roses,” but I haven’t even been near a piano since 1983. No. Wait. I think I tried a few bars at Writers & Books (Rochester NY) once or twice. But I think that was “Exodus.”

OK there’s my ADHD popping in as usual…I think I’m going to give in to the ADHD now and then just to see where it takes me. Begging my pardon if I end up running away on a tangent that doesn’t interest you. Let me know!

It’s been a wild ride these last several months. The stroke happened May 17, 2020. I’ve been car-less since then.

I just noted the juxtaposition there, with “wild ride” and “car-less”…what is that called? I know there’s a name for that particular phenomenon but I think it fell out of one of the holes in my brain. Tho it may jump back in sooner or later. That happens. Sometimes it’s a few seconds; sometimes it’s a day or two. I’ve not hit “lost forever” yet.

Later, then…

Photo by Jesse Martini on Unsplash
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