Georgia NeSmith
2 min readAug 17, 2021


Here's the problem with thinking that "liberation" is a better concept because anti-racism depends on racism, and you want to focus on something that is 100% positive.

Well, unfortunately, it is the nature of the English language as well as many other languages that there is pretty much always a negative phrase that contradicts a positive one. That is the binary thinking nature of it.

You say "liberation" covers everyone and isn't anti-(i.e. negative) about anything. DOES have an opposite.

Liberation vs. oppression.

Liberation vs. imprisonment.

Liberation vs. anti-liberation.

Fighting for liberation means fighting against oppression.

You can't escape that duality. You can only pretend that you can.

And I gotta tell ya -- however tired you are of fighting against racisim, can you imagine how tired those who EXPERIENCE IT DAILY are?

You and I can both escape. Well, for the time being anyway. Soon the impace of global climate change will reveal how much racism is built into it.

The thing about climate change tho, is that while black people and people of color will experience the brunt of it, so also will poor white people. And ultimately middle class white people. Unless something serious and radically different happens now, the only ones who could possibly survive would be the super rich who can build space rockets aand fly off to a new planet after they've taken all the resources on earth.

Bucky Fuller was a really smart man but in many ways he is just another "dead white guy."

Now I'm not saying you can't take a break now and then and take care of yourself so you can come back refreshed and ready to get back on you war horse. But it's delusional to think that changing the language we use can change the reality.



Georgia NeSmith

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