Georgia NeSmith
2 min readJul 2, 2022


Hmmm. Strange. Somehow those supposed unreasonable demand from transgender people have not appeared in any of my feeds (Medium, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Instagram, etc.).

Gotta be wondering how much that is REALLY going on.

Personally I'd find it more believable if the LGB-Q folks' lack of activism -- which I'm not sure exists, either -- were to be substantiated by an analysis of actual major stories in both mainstream and alternative media.

I have a number of LBG-Q real life friends and a hell of a lot more internet LBG-Q friends, and I haven't seen any talk of that.

Also, if there is in fact less activism, I'd like to see surveys of LGB-Q folks who are less active that ask them *WHY* they are less active.

Simply being less active proves nothing without a survey to find out why.

I do know some "standard" lesbian women who are incensed about transgender women claiming the category "women," and I find their arguments less than convincing. Yes, there are some transwomen who go overboard, but I don't see it as being representative in any way of ALL or even MOST.

Sorry, but my training in social science says these statements are just gut feelings about hearing/reading things here and there that suggest it.

Never mind that the news media themselves are biased as F (as we know full well how biased they are about racial issues), and their reporters follow the standard news values that put "conflict" and "controversy" way up top of their hierarchy, and in the process badly skew their representation of reality.

You may be right. I don't know. All I read here are prejudicial arguments, not verified facts. And not having seen any of that personally OR in my various social media, I am highly skeptical of your conclusions.

I'm open to hearing them provided they are substantiated. I see no substantiation here.



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