Georgia NeSmith
2 min readAug 5, 2021


How come YOUR body is sacrosanct, but the bodies of the people you and your anti-vaxx buddies ultimately infect are throw-aways?

Why are THEIR BODIES throw-aways when yours is supposedly sacrosanct? The anti-vaxx crowd, led by Donald the Traitor TRUMP (who HAS BEEN vaccinated) refuses to be vaccinated, and by that "choice" has enabled new variants immune to the current vaccines to grow...and spread...and maim...and kill.

Why are YOUR bodies more sacrosanct than those of the people who die or are permanently disabled because your brain cannot comprehend your responsibility to your communities? To your country?

Why does your supposed “freedom not to be vaccinated” trump (yes, TRUMP) the freedom of others TO LIVE??

The anti-vaxx movement is killing our country — not “just” in terms of bodies, but in terms of economics. Why can't you see that? Why do you not recognize your responsibility to help save YOUR OWN COUNTRY?

When your country is weakened by a deadly disease that you refused to help stop, you commit the most unpatriotic act of all.

You help to kill your own countrymen, women, and children. In the process, you weaken and ultimately destroy your own country.

So get off your high (but obviously crippled) horse and get vaccinated. And encourage everyone else to get vaccinated as well.

Your country's survival depends on it.

“Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.” — Leonard Cohen


(PS I will be developing a longer and more detailed response to the anti-vaxx movement later today. Or maybe tomorrow. already disabled body sometimes can't fulfill my promises. But at LEAST I have been vaccinated. Only now, obviously, I have to keep an eye out for people who could be carrying a new variant. Thanks to lovely, -- ever so thoughtful of others -- people like YOU.)



Georgia NeSmith

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