I read something along these lines a few years ago. And I started allowing myself to eat bacon and eggs, and a few other foods on the low fat diet list of "no no's!"

I dropped 10 pounds in 2 weeks. Without even trying. It was just an ADDITION, not a subtraction. At least not an intentional, conscious subtraction.

And my cholesterol levels are fine, TYVM. Not only that, but I have a whole lot less of the low fat bitchy blues.

I am close to hitting a huge milestone. I am wearing clothes I haven't been able to wear in years. (Good thing I'm a pack rat, cuz I don't have the bucks to buy new clothes these senior days).

BTW to anyone still using artificial sweeteners:

1) Do you experience significant insomnia? If so, drop the sweeteners. NOW! Moderate amounts of natural sugar is better than artificial sugars because insomnia packs pounds on you even if you've cut back your carbs.

Artificial sweeteners are virtually the diet devil incarnate. Your sweet tooth craves more carbs when you consume artificial sweeteners. So whatever calories you save, you pack the simple carbs right back on anyway.

And then you can't sleep. Without the rest that you need, your cravings go on full blast. Too tired to cook, feeling brain dead, you grab the nearest high sugar, high simple carb food to stuff yourself with & with & ease your hunger. But it doesn't. Half hour or so later, you're craving simple carbs again...

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Georgia NeSmith

Georgia NeSmith

Retired professor, feminist, writer, photographer, activist, grandmother of 5, overall Wise Woman. Phd UIA School of Journalism & Mass Communication, 1994.