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2 min readSep 17, 2021


I'm sorry, this sounds ever so much like the advice some "Count" used to write about in the "lonely hearts" section of what used to be called the "Women's Page" in the San Francisco Chronicle, which I used to read as a kid of 9 or 10.

I thought "The Count's" advice was really stupid . So you're supposed to treat your husband like some sort of "god" that you worship?

Barf. BARF!!!

A. There's no science proving that desire is "in his DNA" and in the DNA of all men. If it were in their DNA they wouldn't be beating the crap out of their wives and running their wives down every chance the get.

If they want to be admired, how come there are so many who rape and beat and even kill so many women?

B. If you want to be admired by women, FFS go stand on your own two feet FFS. Don't act like a flipping BABY all the time.

Just grow the F up.

What smart women want is a man who doesn't act so infantile as so many men do.

Why do women have to be the ones to make men happy? If a man wants a good woman to have around, he can stop being so infantile.

He wants praise from us? DO SOMETHING PRAISEWORTHY. Like at the very least washing their own underwear & putting it away. Why is that such a hard thing to comprehend...and do?

He wants to be praised? Well, then, he should accept that the responsibilities for child care should be 50-50 as much as possible. He should be happy to play around with the kids so mom can get her "homework" done for her job.

He wants praise? He'll get it. But he won't get it standing around thinking "how come she won't praise me daily" when they haven't done anything praiseworthy.

It's crazy to expect a woman to treat you like a god when you've done virtually nothing praiseworthy.

We've figured out we don't need you. So you gotta figure out what you can do that she HATES doing herself. Or she enjoys it, but she doesn't enjoy it 24/7.

The tables have turned. So YOU are going to have to be the kind of guy WOMEN WANT.

Smart women aren't going to bend over backward trying to please you anymore. Make it equal, or go find yourself some woman who is still caught up in trying to catch and keep a man.



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