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2 min readApr 6, 2021


Is she really? Well hell, that makes her super smart in my book and my support for her is even stronger.

Most people have no idea what Marxism is. They've taken the super conservative (and grossly ignorant) Senator McCarthy perspective that any ideas that have even a drop of Marxist analysis backing them up are the devil's handiwork. Hey…did you notice that both Hell and Handiwork start with the same letter??? (eyeroll)

Marxist analysis of economic issues formed the foundation of the most intelligent analysis of social conditions OF HIS TIME.

He was, of course, really weak on racial issues and the conditions that women -- particularly working class women -- had to face.

His dumping of all oppression under the umbrella of capitalist economics missed a whole heck of a lot. But it's a good starting point for understanding how power resides in systems rather than in individuals. Grasping the whole of how that system operates, justifies and powers it is another story.

Bottom line, there is more truth than falsehood in Marx's method of analysis. His solutions leave much to be desired, but that does not mean we must reject everything he wrote simply because his name is attached to it.

Indeed, that knee-jerk response by right-wingers (and even moderate Dems), automatically rejecting any words in any way connected to Marx's name grounds America's inability to address any serious problem we face.

Other Western countries, despite their relative proximity to "the Devil" Russia (which somehow has now become the country to emulate), have adopted collective approaches to solving certain system-connected problems (such as, e.g., health) because THEY WORK BETTER and do indeed serve the ideals of democracy on which our country was founded, than do our "individualist" /private ownership approaches.

Calling those solutions "Marxist" does one and only one thing: it creates a near impenetrable wall of resistance against solving those problems nationwide with solutions that actually WORK.

And they work by undermining the power currently in the hands of those who benefit from keeping those structures solidly in place.

THAT is why they are resisted.



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