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It’s hard to believe [well, no, not really] that it’s nearly a year since you posted this and still no comments. Well, this feminist who happens to be white but strives HARD not to be a “white feminist” says,

“I absolutely adore the way you express yourself — so honest, so no-nonsense, so right-on-target.”

I try to write in a similar manner calling out white folks for their not-so-well-disguised racism. I frequently get the “reverse racist” label & a whole lot of other bull pucky. I don’t get called the ABW stereotype of course — unless I don’t include a photo of myself in the medium in which I’m writing, in which case they assume I’m black ]— but BITCH is a favorite of my white critics along with the other nasty words “unfeminine” & otherwise “out of bounds” women get called. In other words, by being forthright and direct, I have performed that oh so ugly & “inappropriate” anger women [of any color] are not supposed to express.

White women also are supposed to be demure & submissive with respect to men at least — and except in rare cases we are nearly always under the male gaze. Supposedly we’ve been fighting that trap for several generations while celebrating righteous anger.

It perplexes me that so many white feminists do not recognize the misogynist aspect of the “Angry Black Woman” trope. That trope is, of course, the epitome of the “intersectional gender/race” stereotype. If you have that trope in your head, you are DEFINITELY NOT intersectional.

White feminists try to recoup their right to be thoroughly “white hot” angry over such matters as rape culture, sexual harassment, sexual abuse of children, the “glass ceiling,” unequal pay…yada yada.

But black women are supposed to stay cool about racism, which DOUBLES the impact of the above?

Say what????

I dunno. I guess maybe cuz so often in my life I’ve been called out for being “too angry” [and therefore unfeminine] the ABW thing is incomprehensible to me.

I love your work & welcome any comments pointing out where in mine I could have been “unconsciously racist” [and I *KNOW* that still happens occasionally & probably will the rest of my life]. Also I’m trying to avoid being the white feminist who trots out her anti-racist bona fides or plays out “white fragility.” I do sometimes feel hurt by criticism, especially from women I admire, but I know that’s the price of admission to becoming “WOKE,” & so I put the tears my journal and work my way through my feelings in private.

Cuz you’re right. My fragility is NOT your problem. You have ENOUGH to deal with!

P.S. I have promoted your Medium page & several of your articles you have posted here on Twitter. Will also post on Facebook.

You really should have more followers, readers, & commenters. [Note: I am a retired writing/journalism professor who also edits graduate papers & dissertations, focusing on folks who are “writing from the margins.” My point here is: I know what I’m talking about!]



Georgia NeSmith

Retired professor, feminist, writer, photographer, activist, grandmother of 5, overall Wise Woman. Phd UIA School of Journalism & Mass Communication, 1994.