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2 min readSep 5, 2022


Not sure this will help, but...

I'm 74 years old and most of my trauma is in the very distant past, but sometimes I, too, get "triggered" by events, both personal and political. For instance, I went into a deep downward spiral after trump was elected president.

In this piece I pulled from several directions to write about that public trauma and its private repercusions.

Speaking my Truth: my WHOLE truth

And this one also, which deals with the frequent accusatory questions one gets because we're still talking about something that happened "a long time ago."

Shouldn't You be Over that By Now? Toxic "Helpers" Perpetuating Trauma

I have several other that in one way or another address coping both with the trauma and/or with the "dumb things people say about it."

I'm going to pull it together into a collection like my collection on racism to give interested readers easier access.

I hope you don't mind my including these links and posting a "not brief" comment on your essay.

I'm one of those respondents who sometimes writes at length in response to certain subjects, but those always support and expand upon what the author has said.

There are so many of us out there, and so much good writing has been done by survivors, you would think people would understand it better. But of course those people wouldn't read any of that, because they already know the answers & don't need to know more, right?



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