Oh, yeah. Right. The way trump and the GOP dump every problem on the heads of anyone else they can think up. Never once taking responsibility for their very own fecal material they've dumped on anyone except the cause: themselves.

You clearly know nothing about the several, extensive books that Marx wrote.

You propose a cartoon version of Marx and his ideas, all created by your right wing predecessors.

The big funny is the claim that Republicanism is about "personal responsibility." No, it's about everything they do to DENY their own responsiblity for the massive blocks in the way of decent, honest people.

The trump admin and his fellow travellers have been a total joke. And I'd be laughing except that the damage they have done is so great it will take several generations to recover from.

Poorly educated people like you just prove my case.



Georgia NeSmith

Retired professor, feminist, writer, photographer, activist, grandmother of 5, overall Wise Woman. Phd UIA School of Journalism & Mass Communication, 1994.