#PitMad on Twitter — first experience

Georgia NeSmith
3 min readMar 9, 2020

#PitMad on Twitter — first experience

[Please scroll all the way down to In other news: for more on where things are with my memoir.]

Recently I took an online course on finding an agent and/or publisher, in preparation for the #PitMad challenge on Twitter this weekend [March 5/6/2020]. The challenge happens quarterly. Hundreds of agents & a few publishers use these 280 character tweets in search of potential new clients.

The #PitMad hashtag identifies the entries. Supposedly they will at least skim your pitches. You get up to three pitches for one book. Other hashtags like #NF, #Mem, etc., identify genre.

If they are interested in receiving a formal query, they give you a heart.

I used only two hashtags — #PitMad and #Mem [for memoir] — mostly because I needed 280 characters for my pitches!

My three:

1] My favorite:

She thought it was a dream. She remembered the dream all her life. She was locked in a dungeon by a wicked witch, and forced to eat baby alligators.

After her mother died, she realized it wasn’t a dream.

It was the only way she could remember the truth.

#PitMad #Mem

2] Second Favorite [actually a tie with others]

Deep inside my chest, a scream took hold. I shook uncontrollably. My lungs felt flooded, & I coughed so hard it seemed my lungs would explode. It lasted 15 mins.

At 45 I finally understood why I tried to kill myself. At 65 I remembered my mother’s role in it.

3] Second favorite favorite [tie]

Sexually abused at 5, narcissist hubby at 20, nearly strangled by boyfriend post divorce, nearly raped again at 35. Sigh. Another #meToo story.

But this one is about finding my own power.

Post traumatic GROWTH, as my therapist calls it.

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