Georgia NeSmith
2 min readJul 28, 2022


Sorry, but while I don't believe in shaming unvaccinated people who are dying from COVID, I also think the attitude expressed here is wrong-headed.

If there hadn't been so much resistance to vaccination in the first place, COVID-19 would have been reduced to a distant memory. There wouldn't BE unvaccinated people around from whom you would *get* COVID.

Yes, you can still get it if vaccinated...but from whom are you getting it? Why has it spread so easily and so far? Do you think that could possibly be...oh, I don't know...the fact that not only were the resisters not vaccinated, they rebelled against taking ANY PRECAUTIONS AT ALL.

Furthermore...yes, I am vaccinated. I am also old (74 in a few weeks) and have multiple autoimmune disorders. Which means that, if I get COVID, it could still KILL ME. Or I could end up with "Long Covid," which would add multiple other health issues to my already sickly body.

PLUS, my daughter works freelance as a doula and birth photographer. If she ever tests positive for COVID she will not be able to work in any hospital for at least three weeks. Which means she would have NO INCOME AT ALL during that period.

And I would not be able to see my grandchildren.

This lackadaisical idea that COVID is now "no biggie" if you are vaccinated is just plain horsesh*t. Sorry for the language, but lackadaisical attitudes about COVID are what got us here in the first place.

There are vulnerable people you will be encountering on a daily basis. So just because YOUR case of COVID is likely to be mild doesn't mean other peoples' COVID will be.

And not every BODY you encounter, even if vaccinated, will be able to manage it as you have. Not to mention, not everyone is ABLE to be vaccinated.

Frankly, I have gone back to wearing a mask myself. I wish others would, too. And I wish people like you would stop being lackadaisical about it.

People are still DYING from it. Just because you didn't (and the president didn't) doesn't mean it's OK not to take all the precautions that should be taken.

In fact, now we are back to the "it's not a big deal so why worry or take precautions" attitude that got us here in the first place.



Georgia NeSmith

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