Georgia NeSmith
2 min readJan 1, 2022


This "big butt" white lady really has to laugh at this (tho not a cruel laugh...stay tuned).

I grew up with a "bubble butt." Being white (and a teen in the 60s), of course I got horribly teased for it. From my own brothers all the way up to and including middle aged men on the street. Or rather, middle aged WHITE men.

For a while I even tried wearing a very uncomfortable, rubbery girdle to flatten it. OMG the sweat!!! And of course, I lived in Calif., so no respite in the winter.

I'd walk by my reflection in a window and watch how each "bubble" on my far side of the reflection would pop up, virtually "bubbling over."

No, I was not F-A-T, Despite what my older brother said. Constantly.

I just had a lot of meat on those hips. I can look at my pics at 16-17 now (I'm 73) & think...who is that gorgeous girl! Of course, my butt wouldn't be in the picture. It was that butt and the bit of poochy belly that says "FAT GIRL! LOOK OUT! IT'S A FAT GIRL!"

I weighed all of 125 at 5'5". "Overweight" according to the Metropolitan Life height/weight charts.

I guess I was "born too soon"!

Or maybe "born too white."

Fortunately, despite later weight gain that I agree is a bit much, I never worried enough about my distance from standard beauty expectations to get cosmetic surgery. Of any kind. Not even botox.

As a writer & photographer, I spend most of my time in front of a computer screen. Stopped looking for dates (divorced 1984) more than a decade ago & I've never been happier.

Happy is as happy chooses.

Damn! Living that way sure takes care of the self-hate that society imposes on women—for whatever stupid reason it may have.



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