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Unfortunately, RiileyA, your knowledge of the history of Judaism is extremely limited.

Race isn't as simple as merely being based on skin color. It's about social position and its relationship to the larger social order, the power of which is mostly invested in white Protestants (with eventual room for Catholics, who were deeply disparaged during their immigration years).

Here's an Atlantic article covering the subject, which you would do well to read in order to better understand what the author is talking about.


“Jewish identity in America is inherently paradoxical and contradictory,” says Eric Goldstein, an associate professor of history at Emory University.

“What you have is a group that was historically considered, and considered itself, an outsider group, a persecuted minority. In the space of two generations, they’ve become one of the most successful, integrated groups in American society—by many accounts, part of the establishment. And there’s a lot of dissonance between those two positions.”

FROM: an Atlantic article published in December 2016.

Are Jews White?

Trump’s election has reopened questions that have long seemed settled in America—including the acceptability of open discrimination against minority groups.

By Emma Green

You will encounter many other articles covering the subject if you search.



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