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You and many other people mistake the "believe all women" principle as "believe all women no matter what."

It's about NOT IMMEDIATELY DISBELIEVING all women and then insisting that she prove her innocence first before anyone will even consider the possibiity of guilt on the part of the accused.

Because that's the way it was not too long ago. For instance:

1) My mother never filed charges against HER rapist (1964), who assumed that since my dad wasn’t with her at a Democratic fundraiser, she was available for easy sex.

2) I never filed charges when I was raped by a boyfriend in his cabin (1977) in the mountains where no one would hear me scream, and he had his hands around my neck, and I decided to save my life instead of continuing to fight against his entrance into my vagina, and simply acquiesced…so how could I possibly make a case for rape? I “consented.”

3) My daughter never filed against her live-in boyfriend (circa 2012) who seriously raped and beat her at the time…but how could she make a case for that? He lived with her by her consent. That’s enough to make HER guilty in the eyes of prosecutors, judges, and juries, no matter what else happened.

And unfortunately, that is STILL the way it is in most areas around the country.

I wonder — have you ever studied the rape stats put out by the National Crime Victimization Survey? Are you aware that only about 13/1K rapes are ever prosecuted, and of those only about 7 go to trial and of those only 5 end in a guilty verdict, and in many of those cases few serve any prison time? Five guilty verdicts out of a thousand rapes. Doesn’t that suggest to you that it is more likely than not a victim claiming rape very likely was ACTUALLY RAPED?

Unless the guy is black. Then the conviction rate soars much higher. Well, then again — unless the black guy is a popular college or professional, basketball, hockey, yada yada.

I find Woody Allen to be incredibly CREEPY. He is so self-centered he just OOZES narcissism. Narcissists believe they are entitled to their pleasure. You will find a whole lot of narcissists among rapists, and they will get away with it, because they know how to put on the charm.

The issue of Soon Yi being age of consent just means it's not rape due to lack of LEGAL consent. It is STILL creepy as hell that a man his age would take advantage of such a very young woman. AND FFS he knew her from the time she was seven years old. That is creepy as FCK. When he says “the heart wants what the heart wants,” he is saying “if I want a young woman for whom I played ‘daddy’ every now and then, if I want to have sex with her, well, I get to have sex with her. Neener neener.

And just because you reach the age of majority doesn’t give you the maturity to make decisions in favor of sex with a very old man who happens to have been around her since childhood and a sexual partner with her mother. Yes, he had the law on his side at that point.

So TF what? It may not LITERALLY nor LEGALLY be incest, but it is very definitely SYMBOLICALLY incest, and with mental and emotional health, symbols have great power.

That doesn’t mean he had morality on his side. The age just gave him consent to be an a-hole with her, taking advantage of her youth and her daddy issues. (And I don’t give a damn if she denies she was manipulated. She is so manipulated she can’t even recognize how manipulated she has been.) How do I know? Been there. Not with a man old enough to be my granddad, but still… A woman that young doesn’t have the emotional maturity required for such a decision. How do I know? Not only have I been there, but I’ve seen it in countless female students during my 30 years of college teaching. (I am 72.)

And then, of course, there is DYLAN. Mia made some mistakes in that case. But that doesn't make Woody innocent. It just makes Mia a mom obviously very worred about her daughter, and with very good reaqson.

I've gone back and watched some of his old movies I thought were really funny at the time (e.g., Annie Hall). I can't stand them any more because it is ALL ABOUT HIS FLIPPING OVERWEENING NARCISSISTIC EGO. As are ***ALL*** of the other films in which he plays. The man is the epitome of sex hormone overload. He is incapable of putting anyone else's sexual needs first. Or anyone else's needs first, period.

Guitly or not of rape, I still can't stand him nor any of his movies. I don't give a flying fck for the story that gets repeated one way or another in every single damn film of his. He is uttlerly preoccupied with himself all the time. (And that's kind of how rapists are, too, tho not every narcissist is a sexual predator.)

Now when he makes a movie where a couple gets together and eventually develolp a healthy romantic relationship (i.e., no narcissists!) , I'll take a look. Of course that will never happen...because he is incapable of sincerely thinking about the needs of other people, especially women. (And I have known all too many men who are like that.)

Do go look at the stats on rape prosecution. "Believe the woman" isn't about believing a woman never lies. It's about recognizing that she lies only a very small percentage of the time (I think I recall only 3% of alleged victims lie at most). Which means that because of that 3% a whole lot of people are eager to claim innocence for their heroes.

I don’t see Allen as some kind of great film maker. I see him as a great navel gazer who happens to be able — for reasons inexplicable to me, other than the blindness toward sexual deviance in the film industry…and I’m not talking about same sex or trans, which all too often “the usual suspects” present inside false frameworks….“a great navel gazer who happens periodically to get his ego up on a movie screen.”

Apologies for that awful ADHD sentence above…It’s late & I’ve already written too much!



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