Georgia NeSmith
2 min readDec 13, 2021


Oh goody goody goody gum drops. A MANSPLAINER. Not only a mansplainer, but a not very smart one at that. Who totally missed the whole point of my article.

Which I have the feeling you didn't even read.

Because if you read it, you read it blind. You clearly missed a hell of a lot of details that make your response here ludicrous.

If you'd read it more closely you'd grasp the point that that's about ACTUAL KNOWN, ACTUALLY EXPERIENCED FAKE KINDNESS that one often gets from men so long as they behave according to "their man's" expectations. Do his bidding. Don't criticize him. Shower praise and gratitude on him. Never ever EVER say anything negative about him.

When the behavior changes...when you start standing up for yourself and refuse to behave according to those expectations, that's when you get clobbered -- either literally (as in beaten) or verbally (as in torn down emotionally so far that you are near to suicide).

Did you NOT see the quote marks around "kindness". Do you not know what that means?

Those are SCARE QUOTES that designate the word is to be read IRONICALLY.

You have no idea what my experience of said "kindness" offered by men has been. So why are you speculating that I am somehow just imagining that "kindness" in the way I mean it?

I am flabbergasted that you appear to think this is just THEORETICAL to me.

Yes, my experience with men had been that kindness IS INDEED meant to control you. At least not with the men of my generation.

I was not speaking speculatively, as you are.

My reference is to REALITY.

And since I am 73 years old (you've got to be several decades younger), I actually know more about life than you do.



No sir. It ain't theory when you've been treated so badly after you start speaking up and telling the truth, then he lowers the boom on you, supported by the financial and social power he has because of his position, and you end up thinking you are a piece of SH*T and don't desrve anything better.

When your own kindness and trust has been manipulated to beat the emotional sh*t out of you. And then you go and try to kill yourself.

Hey. Here's some advice. Before you start dropping ignorant comments like yours here and there, how about checking out what else is here?

Then you wouldn't end up walking into an inferno. You'd know better than to drop such thoroughly ignorant and insensitive and ... pointless comments.



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