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I am one of the people who occasionally does that, but the only links I post are about points that are more fully developed in the linked post. They are, in other words, present to offer a more thorough response. They CONTRIBUTE to the discussion.

Thus it saves me from filling up the comments with more information than belongs in the comment section. That also saves comment readers having the section jammed up with my words.

That intent is accompanied by the fact that I have been writing on Medium for almost 4 years, and I've been in the partner program for 18 months, and NOT ONCE has Medium seen fit to curate EVEN ONE of my posts.

And it can't be because not a single one is "good enough." Here is my full argument about that:

Now, you can delete this post and thereby the link if you so choose.

However, my name is easy to pronounce

Georgia -- like the state

NeSmith -- NAY-smith

Some NeSmiths/Nesmiths skip the capital S, some spell it NAI-smith, some spell it with the AY.

Most people say it with a short "e" -- like Michael Nesmith of the Monkees.

Some pronounce it with a long "e", as in NEE-smith.

There are lots of us in the South. There's even a town in S Carolina called Nesmith, SC. I'm from the Scots-Irish side of the family. But quite a few are descendants of former slaves (whom I would be proud to know, but alas I do not). In short, I am a descendent of a former slave owner, and I do my best to fight racism as well as I can from my keyboard, since disability keeps me from getting around easily.

OK so I've written a long comment that responds (in my own unique and ADHD way) to your main points in your first graf (SIC--journalists spell it that way).

You are welcome to delete it. It’s your page, your choice. I’ve made a copy to use in my own pages.

Thank you for being honest and expressing your anger. I am trying to hold back on my own (not against you--against Medium) because that is easily interpreted as sour grapes. Even a soft complaint is often treated that way.

BTW, I don't mind people posting their links in my comment spaces IF their links are relevant to the topic(s). It is my understanding that Medium aspires to be a place where thoughtful conversations take place.



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Retired professor, feminist, writer, photographer, activist, grandmother of 5, overall Wise Woman. Phd UIA School of Journalism & Mass Communication, 1994.